Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sanjay Subrahmanyan @ NGS,Karthik Fine Arts

6 Dec 2008

Violin: Nagai Muralidharan
Mridangam: K Arun Prakash
Kanjira: B Sri Sundarakumar

Song List:
1.Manamohana (Varnam) - Mohanam - Ata - HMB
2.Sree PArvathi - Sree - Ata - Kunrakkudi Krishna Iyer
3. Naadadinamaatane- Janaranjani- Mishrachau- Thyagaraja
Raga Alapana, Neraval & Swaras @Thalaku Vachinia
4. Sri Dakshinaamoorthe- Sankarabharanam-  Mishra Jampai - Muthuswami Dikshithar
Raga Alapana, Swaras@ Sri Dakshinaamoorthe
5. RTP- Jayanthasena, Pallavi- Kavava velava... - Ragamalika
6. Manadirkugandadu- Sindu Bhairavi- Adi- Thanjavur Sankara Iyer
7. Kulam Tarum selvan followed by Narayananai Thudhipai- Komalangi- Adi- ( Dandapani                                                                                                       Desigar, Raghava Ramanuja Dasar)
8. Mangalam- Saurashtram- Adi

My favourites in this concert were , the RTP, as usual was super! No words! and Manadhirkugandadu has always been my fav!

 Sorry for the late post.. No time, with so many concerts n all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First Concert of the season- Sanjay Subrahmanyan @ Chettinad Vidyashram (Jaya TV- MMU)

5 Dec 2008
Violin: S Varadarajan
Mridangam: Neyveli Venkatesh

Theme - Compositions of Dandapani Desigar

Song list:
1. Vaazhndhiduvom Vareer - Arabhi -Adi
Svaras @ Vaazhndiduvom
2. Adiyenai Kaatharulvaai - Kamboji - Triputai
Raga Alapana
3. Paada Vendumey - Hamsanaadham- Rupakam
Raga Outline, Neraval@ Isai Paavil Unarndu, Svaras@ Paada Vendumey
4. Kadavulai Maravaadhey - Tandavam - Adi
Raga Alapana
5. Naavukkarasi Gnanakk-kozhundhai - Hemavathi-Adi
Raga Alapana, Svaras@ Naavukarasanai
Thani Avartanam

All the above songs are compositions of Desigar.

6.Urellaam Tunginaalum- Viruttam - Sahana
7. Oho Kalame - Sahana- Adi (Composer- Vedanayakam Pillai)
8. Thunbham Nergayil - Desh - Adi (Composer- Bharatidasan)
9. Narayananai Thuttipai - Komalangi- Adi (Composer- Raghava Ramanuja Dasar)

My favourites:
Oho Kaalame , of course and I loved the Desh piece too..

The Q&A session was very enjoyeable.

Listened to a Sanjay concert after a very very long time! Very satisfied!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai terror attacks.. But Lets stay united!

I'm really shocked by the recent happennings in Mumbai, the attacks in various sites. I love India and it grieves me to think this has taken place in our country, always known for it's unity among people, peace and tolerance. 

I don't understand why those ppl are doing this.. what is the cause... religion? politics? ......
Are they fanatics with not an iota of human feel. What do they gain from shooting the innocent
ones who have never done any harm to them? What grudge do they have against them?
I think they have cut off the compassion chord from their brain for only then  can they behave like this. yes it seems to be just a shooting  game for them.

Before we used to watch such thrilling  scenes in the movies with our mouths wide open. Now it is a live show for you in your neighbourhood. Atleast even in the movies the villians had a clear cut motive to behave as they did. But now what is the motive in is a million dollar question.Will we get the correct answer soon?  What do they gain from putting their life in danger for they know they are sure to die.  Yes the correct motive must be found out to
try and avoid such incidents which are on the rise. Before once in a way even one news of someone being killed somewhere used to create waves of  horror but now such incidents have become common and i think most of us are coming to terms with it which is the most dangerous  thing that can happen. 

People may call you brave and bold but i only feel you are COWARDS COWARDS COWARDS:
Bravery is coming out in the open with what you want, confronting the people whom you have
grudges against face to face and not stabbing at the back like this. You have gained only the CURSES of all HUMAN BEINGS all over the world by this gruesome act and nothing else.
Be it the Gita, Koran or Bible , no religion has preached such revengeful acts and so instigation if in the name of religion is unjustifiable!

But now after expressing my feelings I feel that this incident has made us more united than ever.
for from every nook and corner of the country people are condemning the incident and showing their sympathy Yes after all the basic character of our india can never change!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My favourite songs sung be Sanjay Subrahmanyan

Okay, I've been wanting to write this one for a long time!!
Well, I basically love everythin what Sanjay sings but there are some which are really special to me..
1. Dikku theriyadhakattil - Ragamalika- Subramania Bharathi
2. Aarar Aasaipadar- Nadanamakriya- Muthuthandavar
These are two songs really really special to me.. I used to listen to these every morning durin my board exams, even if I was gettin really late.The song wud be automatically playin in my mind during the exam also.. I'm absolutely sure this was one of the things that helped me do my exams well..
Thank you Sanjay!!
Ok gettin back to the list..
3. Chinnanjiru Kiliye- Raagamalika- Subramanya Barathi (My recent favorite)
4.Manadhirku ugandadu- Sindu Bairavi- Tanjavur Sankar Iyer 
5.Bajare re Chitha- Kalyani- Muthuswamy Dikshithar
6. Manavyalakin- Nalinakanthi- Thyagaraja
7. Aarumo Aaval- Maand
8.I just love the Virutham in the Kshetra Chidambaram CD ( Mannadhi Boodhamodu)
9.Kanavendamo- Sriranjani- Papanasam Sivan
10. Maname Ganamum- Bhimplas- Papanasam Sivan
11. Thillai Sthalam- Sama- Gopalakrishna Barathi
12. Uppum Karpooramum followed by Innamum oru thalam- Behag
13.Engum Niraindhirukkum- Navaroj
14. Yaaro ivar yaaro- Bairavi- Arunacala Kavi
15.Vetta Veli- Kudumbai Siddar-Huseni
16.Kanthimathi Annai nee gathi- Kanada- Papanasam Sivan( Forgot to add this earlier, but actually its one of THE BEST!!)
These are only a few I could list down.. But there are lots more!
I hope Sanjay sings atleast some of these songs in the coming season, especially Chinnanjiru Kiliye!! 

Thursday, October 23, 2008

??!!Lazy me!!

Basically, I love inactive blogs!!
And yeah! I love my blog!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

T.M.Krishna@Music Academy

HCL Concert
Singer: T.M.Krishna

Time:7:00 P.M.
Venue: Music Academy


1. Chelimikori Vachi( Varnam) - Gaula -Tiruvottriyur Tyagarajar- Adi
2.Upacharamu je sevaa- Bairavi-Tyagaraja -Rupakam (Raga outline and kalpana swaram at Ekaanthamu)
3. Saarade Veena - Devagandari-Papanasam Sivan- Adi (Raga Alapana)
4.Upendramaasrayami- Kamas- Mysore Vasudevacharya- Adi (Raga outline, Kalpana Svaras at Vasudeva)
5.Saraguna Paalimpa- Kedaragaulai- Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar (Raaga Alapana)
He started the Anupallavi ( Varaguna seshadri) once again,after he finished the whole song and sang Neraval and Kalpana svaras at Varaguna seshadri. Then there was the Thani ( Was excellent) and the finishing line was Varaguna Seshadri.. The Neraval was fantastic!!!!

6.Pahi Pahi Jaganmohana- Nadanamakriya- Narayana Theerthar- Adi (Raga outline)
7.Vande mataram- Desh (Raga outline) (The best part of the concert!!!)
8. Mangalam- Vaazhiya Senthamizh

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Concerts of Sanjay Subrahmanyan, my favourite!

Well, I managed to attend quite a few concerts recently, Yeah most of them Sanjay's.
The one at Krishna Ghana Sabha,
Bala Vinayagar Temple, Warren Road
and Ya long back the concert in Ayyappan temple.

I wrote the song list n all but I totally don't have the mood to type it in!
Basically I miss out some of the songs in the concert cos I get a bit too involved in it and later I forget what they were!
Well but my favorite was the concert in Warren Road.
In the beginning I though I surely wont be able to sit through the whole concert cos I had a temperature. But then I just didn't want the concert to end. Just wanted it to go on and on and on.The Sindu Bairavi and the Bahudari piece were just enthralling. And the best was Maname Ganamum in Beemplas.

And the day of the P.S. Senior concert, I had a tough decision to make. I had tickets for this Hariharan concert and the same day, there was this Sanjay concert which I just cant miss!
And yeah I chose Sanjay's concert.
I still regret a bit nnot attending the Hariharan live programme but still I was really happy cos Sanjay as usual did not let down our expectations. And it was on Krishna Jayanti and my parents were damn pissed of for not bein there for the evening Pooja. But anyway I loved all the Krishna songs and it was really worth being there missing everything else but was expecting that he'll sing He Govinda, hmm but no..

Yeah I'll try putting up the song list of the next concert if I'm not this lazy.
Yeah I tried attending T.M.Krishna's concert in Narada Ghana Sabha , but no seats only, what to do!

Im waitin for Sanjay to come back from the U.S and give us more and more of his concerts.

Now I've to try doin atleast a bit of my homework or I'll be sent outta class as usual.
And that too tomorrow is Monday the D-Day ( Dhavani day), worst day in the week!
WAAAh, don wanna go to schooool!!